We are Layer 7

We’re a blended team of thinkers, designers and creators who strive to deliver excellence for our clients.

Founded in 2010 we focus on building lasting relationships with our clients to deliver innovative change through collaboration and self-empowered teams.

Our principles

These are our values which we embody, they’re not a gimmick, these are our fundamental principles upon which everything we do is built.


We believe in doing the right thing, all of the time. Through our actions we build lasting trust by being true at all times.


In sharing our skills, knowledge and experience our diversity and uniqueness which empowers us as a team.


We strive to be our best, inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work each and every day.


We love learning new things, continually improving and innovating. Learning from our challenges, successes and others.


It's a busy competitive world, empathy and kindness go a long way. We believe in showing compassion and kindness to all.


We respect each other’s value, differences, and contributions. For our team, ourselves, clients, vendors and our community.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

At Layer 7, diversity, equality, and inclusion are intrinsic to our strategic business goals. Embracing and prioritising diversity, equality, and inclusion is necessary for our growth. Diversity in the workplace is understanding that everyone is unique, equity ensures we are developing services and fostering experiences that promote fairness for all, and inclusivity is building an environment that values open compassionate participation from people with different ideas and perspectives.